Pricing guide

To provide our clients with the best service possible, we've created 3 distinct cleaning packages for you to choose from. Each package offers a well-defined cleaning checklist, allowing you to make an easier choice on which type of service your home would benefit most from.

*Pricing varies by home on all packages.*
Standard Package - Starting at $129.99
Deluxe Package – Starting at $169.99
Premium Package – Starting at $299.99
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Our Standard cleaning package is a strong cleaning routine that gets every room of your house up to speed. It's not as thorough as our additional packages, so it's more aimed towards houses which have fallen slightly behind in their cleaning schedule. 

If you're looking for a once-over that addresses the problematic issues in your home, our Standard package can absolutely help you out. 

Living Spaces



·         Dust blinds with microfiber dusters

·         Vacuum Floors

·         General Tidying

·         Change Bed Linens

·         Empty Wastebaskets

·         Dust items on the wall

·         Spot clean doors

·         Wipe the front of all cabinets

·         Lightly Dust knick-knacks

·         Wipe window sills

·         General Straightening completed

·         Cushions and pillows straightened

·         Linens changed with a new set left on each bed

·         Furniture dusted- On top, front and bottom

·         Switch Plates cleaned

·         Clean Outside of Refrigerator, Oven and Dishwasher

·         Clean all Counters and Sinks

·         Clean Stove Top

·         Wipe off Table & chairs

·         Wipe off Small Appliances

·         Sweep and Mop Floor

·         Clean under and behind items on counter

·         Trash emptied

·         Clean and sanitize Shower & Tub

·         Clean Sink & Counters

·         Clean & Shine Mirrors & Fixtures

·         Clean & Polish Chrome

·         Clean Soap Dishes

·         Towels hung and folded

·         Floors swept and mopped

·         Trash emptied

Our Deluxe cleaning package is perfect for a home that doesn't quite need the deep cleaning that our Premium package offers, but still requires a more intensive cleaning than our standard package can handle. 

We'll go room to room and put a serious cleaning into anything which stands out. We'll hit the dirtiest parts of your bathroom, including the ground and toilet, and make them sparkle like they used to.

Give our Deluxe cleaning package a try and watch your house become beautiful again!

Living Spaces



  • Dust Knick-Knacks
  • Wipe Window Sills
  • Vacuum Floors, Carpeting
  • Tidy Up Rooms
  • Dust blinds with a microfiber duster
  • Dust ceiling fans (height restrictions apply)
  • General Straightening completed
  • Cushions and Pillows fluffed and straightened
  • Linens changed with a new set left on each bed
  •  Furniture dusted- On top, front and bottom 
  • Switch plates cleaned
  • Clean exterior of large appliances
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave
  • Clean underneath and behind small appliances and items on the counter
  • Clean countertops and cabinet faces
  • Scrub sink area
  • Trash Emptied
  • Scour all visible interior and exterior parts of toilets
  • Clean sink, counter, cabinet face and mirror
  • Scour shower/tub walls, floor and fixtures
  • Dust shelving, knick-knacks, mirrors
  • Clean flooring, including behind toilet
  • Treat mold if needed in shower/tub
  • Treat water ring in toilet
  • ** One Air filter changed, OR organic cleaning products used NO additional charge

Our Premium Royalty cleaning package is our most thorough plan. It is reserved for homes that need an incredibly deep scrubbing, such as a spring cleaning. In fact, our customers requesting a spring cleaning will receive our Premium package.

No matter what your expectations are, this package is equipped and ready to handle all of your homes cleaning needs. This comprehensive package will deep clean your kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more.

This is truly a top-to-bottom service and will improve your home drastically. This package is perfect for families who have been too bogged down with life to dedicate time to clean the household. 

Living Spaces



·         Clean ceiling fans (height restrictions apply)

·         Clean all sliding glass doors inside/outside

·         Clean under beds

·         Dust blinds

·         Move light weight furniture on carpeted surfaces to

·         Clean under & behind furniture

·         Roll up area rugs to clean beneath

·         Spot clean doors for dog rubbings or hand prints

·         Dust cold air returns and heater vents (not ductwork)

·         Vacuum upholstered furniture and under cushions

·         Wipe the tops of reachable baseboards

·         Wipe windowsills

·         All air filters changed

·         Cobwebs removed

·         Front porch swept

·         Front door polished

·         Upholstered furniture vacuumed

·         Cushions and Pillows fluffed and straightened                                 

·         Lamps wiped, and lampshades dusted

·         Furniture dusted - on top, on front and bottom

·         General straightening completed

·         Linens changed if a new set is left on each bed

·         Switch plates cleaned

·         Clean inside fridge

·         Clean oven

·         Clean inside microwave

·         Clean exhaust fan/hood

·         Spot clean cabinets

·         Spot clean walls

·         Wipe the tops of reachable baseboards

·         Wipe door frames and windowsills

·         Wipe outside of kitchen cabinets

·         Trash emptied

·         Backsplash cleaned

Premium Extras

  •  Organic products provided at NO additional charge
  • 2 complimentary air filters
  • Discounted rates on pressure washing

·         Spot clean bathroom cabinets

·         Spot clean walls

·         Wipe the tops of baseboards

·         Wipe door frames and window sills

·         Treat water ring in toilet

·         Treat mold in showers/tubs



Available upon request for additional charge:

  • In home laundry service
  • Pressure washing
  • Filter change
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Banister polishing
  • Tile & grout cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Automobile carpet & upholstery cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Pet treatment

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New Customers receive 10% off. Mention code NEW10 in notes when booking.

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First Responders


Mention code ROYAL10 when booking.

We Provide Organic Cleaning Options

A non-toxic – Organic or Natural cleaning is proven to help eliminate anything that will trigger asthma or allergies and is easy on clients with chronic lung and skin problems. We can develop an organic cleaning program for your home. We currently use the least toxic biodegradable products available. We will work with home owners to utilize their favorite products as well. We use the most natural products available in the industry will still providing disinfectant powers. Organic cleaners are safe for our staff, your home and your family.


For those clients who prefer an all organic home cleaning, call us. We’re happy to develop an organic cleaning program just for your family’s home!